Acamptas 333mg Tablet (Acamprosate)

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Buy Acamptas Online, which is Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation medication, and it contains Acamprosate. Acamprosate Tablet is a common medication often prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from alcoholism and suffering from kidney diseases.

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Buy Acamptas Online, which is specially designed for the patient that is highly addictive to alcohol. Acamprosate 333 mg is used with proper counseling & social support of family friends etc., to help patient who are reliant on alcohol to abstain from drinking an alcoholic sip and want to get rid of alcohol addiction.

How to Use Acamptas 333 mg?

Acamprosate Tablets are meant for oral consumption only. It can be consumed in an empty stomach or after taking a full meal. Sallow the tablet at once; otherwise, one can experience a bitter taste of medicine. Don’t crush, chomp, or break the tablet as it can reduce the performance of the tablet; for best results, take regularly at the same time. Don’t increase or decrease the dosage of Acamptas 333 on your own consult your doctor before doing that. To get the best result don’t increase the dosage as it will not improve your condition but can increase the risk of side effect.

Side Effects

Vomiting, gas, stomach pain, loss of appetite, joint pain, change in sexual desires, or decrease in sexual ability may occur.


How does Acamprosate 333mg work?

Tablet works by restoring the balance of certain chemicals in the brain that are disrupted by long-term alcohol use. However, it help reduce cravings for alcohol and lessen the symptoms of withdrawal that can make it difficult for people to stop drinking.

Who can take Acamprosate 333mg?

It is typically prescribed for adults who are trying to stop drinking and have already gone through the detoxification process. It may be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes counseling, support groups, and other forms of therapy.

Is Acamptas 333mg addictive?

No, it is not consider as addictive. Because, it is not a controlled substance and does not have the same potential for abuse as some other medications used to treat alcohol addiction.

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  1. I have been on Campral for 08 months now and haven’t had or ached for a
    beverage. That wasn’t very easy to envision previously. I take 666 mg every day
    (began at 333 mg) and haven’t had any symptoms besides mellow gastro stuff
    toward the start. I use it with treatment and backing as prescribed. For me, it’s
    been a fantastic drug.

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