Admenta 5mg Tablet (Memantine)

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Buy Admenta 5 mg Online, which is Alzheimer’s medication, and it contains Memantine. Admenta 5 mg can be used to treat severe of moderate signs of Alzheimer. Memantine Tablets to lower the symptoms.

Admenta 5mg Tablet (Memantine) – 30 Tablets
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Admenta 5mg Tablet (Memantine) – 60 Tablets
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Admenta 5mg Tablet (Memantine) – 90 Tablets
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Buy Admenta 5 mg Online, which is used to treat mild and severe symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Memantine 5 mg can significantly help patients to improve the quality of their life by delaying the progress of the disease. Admenta 5 mg acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist & works on glutamate in our brain, and It can not cure this disease. You can easily Buy Admenta 5 mg Online from Dose Pharmacy.

How to Use Admenta 5 mg?

Memantine Tablets should be taken at the same time every day. The patient should not deviate from the prescription. Do not take Admenta 5 mg if you have an allergy to it. Do not overdose yourself. Overdosing can lead to fever, chest tightness, blue or grey skin color, swelling of lips & face.

Side Effects of Memantine 5 mg

Memantine 5 mg is known to cause side effects like hypersensitivity, shortness of breath, hallucinations, dizziness, & drowsiness. These are very common side effects that may go with prolonged use. In some cases, there may be a balance disorder or pulmonary hypertension.

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Active Ingredient/Drug Salt



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10 tablets in a strip

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  1. Camillo

    My Mom is 89 years of age and has been recommended Admenta 5mg
    Tablet once per day for Alzheimer’s disease. It has helped her to be very
    clear and focused.

  2. Camillo

    Before my seizures, my memory was practically flawless after
    I was fortunate if I could recollect 2 minutes back. Admenta
    helped me with one of the impacts of the seizures, and MS I
    loathed the most it has helped me feel nearer to me before the
    seizures than any of the prescriptions have.

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