Ca Atra 10mg Capsule (All Trans Retinoic Acid)

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Buy Tretinoin Online, which is Anti Cancer medication, and it contains All-transretinoic Acid. Ca Atra 10 mg is medication to treat a particular type of cancer, which is APL- acute promyelocytic leukaemia. Tretinoin Capsules lessens the symptoms of this disease.

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Buy Tretinoin Online, which belongs to the group of retinoids. Used to treat promyelocytic leukemia, the Ca Atra 10 mg is similar to Vitamin-A. It slows down the growth of a particular type of diseased blood cells. All-transretinoic Acid Capsules is used in combination with chemotherapy. Tretinoin 10 mg works by inducing a high rate of hematologic remission to treat the disease and is a very effective treatment. However, the treatment strategy is different for different patients.

How to Use Ca Atra 10 mg?

Ca Atra 10 mg, as suggested by your physician. About eight capsules a day, divided into two doses for adults. For children, the dose recommended is lower than adults. Don’t change the prescribed dosage of Tretinoin 10 mg. Take the dosage, as suggested by the doctor. Do not overdose or stop medication without medical consultation.

Side Effects of Tretinoin 10 mg

Patients should not take Tretinoin Capsules with retinoids, soya, peanuts allergy. Not to be taken by breastfeeding mothers. Headache, fever, visual disturbance, hair loss, sweating, bone pain, skin irritation, dry skin are common side effects.

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  1. Jaelynn

    CA Atra 10 Softgel Capsule is a type of nutrient A. It is utilized to treat blood malignancy just as skin break out.

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