Cancellation Policy

We are one reliable online pharmacy store whose main objective is to provide 100 percent satisfaction to all customers. Fulfilling all the orders of the customers and maintaining delivery schedule. When a customer places an order for the product and provides a particular product that customer requires and uses the customer information to deliver products. There could always be a reason why a customer or dealer might have to cancel their respective orders. We, therefore, keep our cancellation policy flexible for them.

Our cancellation policy is applicable in following situations:

Restrictions of quantity available for purchase

If quantity of the product which customer has ordered is less or stock of that particular product is unavailable with us, then this cancellation policy shall be applicable.

Disputes and complaints

In case of any dispute, we recommend getting in touch with our Customer Support team immediately so that our team may extend assistance to find a suitable solution.

Non-availability of stock

If any product ordered and is unavailable, the order cancellation policy shall be applicable.

Unpaid order

We do not promote any unpaid order.

Cancellation by customer

A customer can initiate to cancel an order before it was processed, Once the order will be shipped, there will be no way to cancel the order as we are using one-way services. However, we always appreciate a good reason for such cancellation.

Non-receipt of payment

Non-receipt of payment from customer’s side is considered to be the cancellation of the order.

Complete dissatisfaction

If the customer is not satisfied with product sold by us, they can report to our Customer Care team. In case, our Customer Care is unable to resolve issue, and it shall extend a complete replacement or return of the money.