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Cenforce: The Little Pill That Can Rebuild Your Sexual Life

Cenforce: The Little Pill That Can Rebuild Your Sexual Life

What is Cenforce?

It is one of the ED drugs available online and in retail stores, that can be taken as a generic medicine for ED. Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence in males, where the man is not able to get an erection during sexual intercourse. Also known as Sexual dysfunction, it can be frustrating to a man’s sexual life, not to mention his self-esteem. It can be caused by various reasons, genetics, other underlying diseases, low blood pressure, obesity, age, etc., all of which can be cured through specific medications and therapy.

Of the many drugs available for ED, Cenforce is one of the most sought drugs. It is a generic medicine that, combined with stimulation, can cause an erection in a man. Cenforce is available in many dosages like Cenforce 50 mg tablet, 120mg, and Cenforce 150mg tablet, depending on what the doctor prescribes.

How does it work?

Cenforce has an active ingredient called Sildenafil citrate, which will loosen or free the tissue mass inside the penis, increasing blood flow and thereby causing an erection. Cenforce tablets should be taken one hour before sexual activity, whenever desired. The tablet should be taken whole with a glass of water. If you wish to take a higher dosage like Cenforce 200 mg, be sure to check with your doctor first and after he knows of your medical history before getting an OK from him. Heart patients and hypertension patients are not advised to take these medications. People of ages below 18 and above 70 should check with their doctor before ingesting the pill. Typically, you can start with a lower dosage, say Cenforce 100 mg tablet or a Cenforce 120 mg tablet, and get the desired results, but you can opt for higher dosages like 150mg and 200mg depending on your body weight and doctor’s recommendation.

It is a safe drug that is available in stores near you, which can aid in making your sexual life active. After all, erectile dysfunction is not a fatal disease or a taboo, and it is a common occurrence that can be cured just as easily as other common shortcomings.

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