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Common Psychological Origins of ED

Common Psychological Origins of ED

Erectile Dysfunction is considered taboo and not openly spoken out. In simple terms, ED is the inability to hold or to get an erection, even after sexual stimulation. Although it is not uncommon in men, it is still considered a sensitive matter. Almost all men go through ED at least once in their life, which probably will last for a few minutes, or can happen maybe once a year. This is harmless and is not even considered ED most times. If the man isn’t able to get an erection for an extended period, it is most likely to be ED.

There are many causes for ED in a man, like heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, clogged blood vessels or atherosclerosis, etc. These factors belong to the medical causes of ED, meaning, ED is caused as a side effect to underlying diseases and conditions the man has.

What are the Psychological reasons?

It is hard to find hard facts for psychological reasons causing ED because it relies on the state of mind of the person.

  • Stress: One of the most common reasons to cause ED in a man, is stress. It can be caused by a work environment, problems like debt, etc., and can affect your sex life. It doesn’t take much either.
  • Even a simple matter of meeting the boss the next day or having a presentation can cause stress, leading to ED.
  • Anxiety: Although people think that anxiety is not a physical ailment, a mental one, it does affect one’s physical state. High blood pressure, rapid heartbeats fatigue, etc., is caused by anxiety, which affects the erection.
  • Depression: Along with many other physical outcomes, depression also causes ED. It can cause a relationship issue, piling debt, unhappiness in career, etc., causing a man to have a problem holding his erection. It happens to a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing difficulty to be sexually aroused.
  • Fear of ED: Most men have a known fear of underperforming, or getting a problem with an erection while having sex, especially if they are nervous about the act of doing it for the first time. Funnily enough, this causes ED in some men. Although it seems laughable, the person may find it challenging to get an erection every time he thinks about the previous embarrassing encounter, causing an onset of ED.

Most people, who get erectile dysfunction because of psychological problems, can’t tell what’s causing it. Once the cause of ED is established, there are many aids available in the market to treat ED. Combined with therapy, it can be cured in no time!

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