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Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Should Know

Coronavirus and COVID-19: What You Should Know


The scare of the pandemic COVID-19 has gone way out of proportion, with people murdering at the drop of a hat. It is simply a virus, much like the common cold, only, Coronavirus spreads faster and has more adverse effects like death when left unchecked. It takes about 5-6 days for the first symptoms to show, and when it does, it is of utmost importance to put yourself in Quarantine. Quarantine is simply avoiding people and going outside completely, keeping yourself in isolation to prevent it from spreading to others at home.


It is not always simple to detect COVID-19 infection in people. Since this virus affects people of different ages differently, it is not always to determine whether someone has corona or just a head cold. The most common symptoms seem to be fever, tiredness, and dry cough, which indicates the onset of the corona. Some people claim to have a runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, a feeling of suffocation or drowning, and in progressive cases, pneumonia, often leading to the death of the patient.


What causes COVID-19 is actively participating in group gatherings and parties, while you should be staying safe at home. Practice hygiene steps in everything you do, taking care to wear masks while going outside. Avoid touching surfaces, and remember to wash your hands every twenty minutes. Places like Supermarkets and other public places use temperature-checking guns, also called thermal guns, which can check a person’s temperature without actual contact. This is less accurate and doesn’t always confirm the presence of the virus in a person. Quick Testing Kit for COVID-19 is becoming more popular. It is an Antibody test to test the presence of corona and anti-COVID-19 antibodies in the body.


Although scientists are working on a cure for COVID-19, we always have to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus. Always wash or clean your hands before and after handling food, and wash all utensils, and cutlery that has to be used regularly. Keep a sanitizer handy, and have a shower after coming from outside. The corona can’t stay alive on our surface for more than an hour, but once it gets inside our body, it gets everything it needs to grow and sustain. Washing our bodies with soap or a strong disinfectant can kill the virus before it enters the body.


As of 25th April 2020, the world has reported a total of 2,846,576 cases, with a whopping number of 197,859 deaths. It has affected 219 countries in total, with new cases appearing every day. India has 24,506 cases active, with 775 deaths. Maharashtra (6430) has the highest number of cases in India.