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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs & Symptoms: What are they, and How Do I Secure Myself?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs & Symptoms: What are they, and How Do I Secure Myself?


Coronavirus has quickly taken over every tabloid and news article in a matter of months. Though every country tried to squash the spread of this, they were unsuccessful. It is very difficult to constrict human contact, with people unwilling to follow the protocol. In a populous country like India, it is complicated to spot people with coronavirus, since the virus acts differently on different people. If your immunity is stable, the virus will be squashed, but it can still stay alive to spread to another person, making you a carrier. With devices like temperature-checking guns and antibody tests, you can take precautions to stay safe. Although the former is inaccurate, the Quick Testing Kit for COVID-19 is seeming promising.


The most common COVID-19 symptoms seem to be fever, sore throat, muscle/body pain, and headaches. Since these symptoms of coronavirus are so common, that could be any small issue like viral fever to the common cold; they are ignored, which is the most dangerous thing to do for yourself and those around you.


Observe strict hygiene while preparing food, be careful of what you touch, and immediately wash your hands after touching any surface. Wash it regularly with soap or a strong sanitizer, since the virus can only stay on our skin for twenty minutes. Once the virus finds its way inside the body, it can grow and wreck your body. To avoid that, wash your hands to kill the virus that may be on the surface. Isolate yourself from others, and maintain a social distance to prevent it from spreading.


WHO has published that as of today, there is no known treatment, vaccine or otherwise, that has proven to treat this infamous virus. Although scientists are striving to find a cure, we as a community can work on preventing the spreading of the virus by doing our part. Keep a healthy lifestyle at home while working on building your immune system by taking a lot of Vitamin C foods like lemons and Oranges. If you meet anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus, immediately distance yourself and do a thorough cleaning of yourself.


India has reported a total of 1429 cases in the last twenty-four hours, which, although lesser than the 1684 cases reported the previous day, has brought the total number of cases up to 24506, with a death count of 775. Maharashtra (6430) is leading the list with the highest number of cases in India, followed by Gujrat (2624) and Delhi (2376). Even though Maharashtra has the number of affected cases thrice compared to Gujarat, it saw a sharp decline in new cases on Thursday.