Cyclophil ME 100mg Capsule (Cyclosporine)

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Buy Cyclosporine 100 mg Online, which is Anti-Cancer medication, and it contains Cyclosporine. Cyclophil ME 100 mg are strong medications given to patients who have gone through organ transplant.

Cyclophil ME 100mg Capsule (Cyclosporine) – 30 Capsules
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Cyclophil ME 100mg Capsule (Cyclosporine) – 60 Capsules
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Cyclophil ME 100mg Capsule (Cyclosporine) – 90 Capsules
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Cyclophil ME 100mg Capsule (Cyclosporine) – 240 Capsules
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Buy Cyclosporine 100 mg Online, which is a medication prescribed for the prevention of organ rejection during transplantation. The active ingredient present is Cyclosporine that works by lowering the body’s harmful response to the organ. Cyclophil ME 100 mg reduces irritation and swelling and helps the body accept an organ transplant.

How to Use Cyclophil ME 100 mg?

The recommended dose range of Cyclosporine Tablets is one capsule per day. It is taken by mouth with or without food. One should not take medicine if allergic to any ingredient contained within Cyclophil ME 100 mg. It is better to take medication, as recommended by the physician.

Side Effects of Cyclosporine 100 mg

Cyclosporine 100 mg causes some major and minor side effects. The major ones include a decrease in blood cell count, tremors, headache, nausea, skin rash, vomiting, fever, and chills. The minor side effects are facial hair growth, abdominal discomfort, running nose, and muscle cramps. These side effects subside within a few days, if not, then seek immediate medical attention.

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Active Ingredient/Drug Salt



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  1. Xiomara

    I’ve been taking cyclosporine for more than six years. My present portion is 200 mg/day.
    I have an immune system infection called TTP, and this drug keeps me disappearing with no apparent symptoms.

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