Danogen 50mg Capsule (Danazol)

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Buy Danazol 50 mg Online, which is Women’s Health medication, and it contains Danazol. Danazol Capsules are used by women who are undergoing treatment for fibrocystic breast and endometriosis disease. Danogen 50 mg affects the ovaries, as well as, pituitary gland.

Danogen 50mg Capsule (Danazol) – 30 Capsules
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Buy Danazol 50 mg Online, which is a medication used to treat endometriosis. Danogen 50 mg is specially designed for the feminine. It is a problem where females get a painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that usually edges the inside of your womb gets bigger outside your uterus. Endometriosis most frequently involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the tissue lining. Danazol 50 mg provides cure from painful or heavy periods, painful breast diseases & reduces enlarged breasts.

How to Use Danogen 50 mg?

Danazol Capsules can be taken by mouth with or without food, for best results rake this medication at a fixed time. Take Danogen 50 mg twice a day or as advised by the doctor/ Gynecologists. Sallow this medicine with a whole glass of water. Don’t chew, crush, or break this tablet as it can reduce the effectiveness of Danazol 50 mg.

Side Effects of Danogen 50mg Capsule
Acne, weight gain, flushing, sweating, voice change, unusual growth of body hair, vaginal dryness, irritation in some cases, Decreased breast size may occur.

Additional information

Active Ingredient/Drug Salt



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10 capsules in a strip

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12-18 Working Days

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  1. Skyler

    Languished with endometriosis over quite a long while without alleviation. I visited a gynecologist who recommended danazol.

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