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Depression and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Depression and Erectile Dysfunction (ED) | Dose Pharmacy

Depression and Erectile dysfunction are two interdependent disorders. Of many reasons that lead to ED, depression is one of the prominent causes of ED. Moreover, if a man suffers from ED, it could be the cause of depression as well. ED can render a person irritable, anxious, saddened, and uncertain about themselves. The good news is both depression and ED are curable. The key is honesty to one’s partner, doctor, and most importantly oneself. 

Symptoms of depression

One should look for symptoms of depression, which are usually persistent gloom, the feeling of futility, and a pessimistic stance. Other symptoms of depression are – low self-esteem, loss of interest in things you loved, weariness, change in appetite, disturbed sleep patterns, and boredom. 

Symptoms of depression with ED

While the symptoms of depression would be the same when a person is diagnosed with ED, there are a few symptoms of depression that one should particularly take note of with ED, vis-à-vis, loss of sexual desire, sex doesn’t feel pleasurable, and sex life being affected from the time you were prescribed anti-depressants. In addition, ED can be a cause of anxiety, frustration, self-doubt, and stress.

Diagnose ED

If you are feeling under the weather all the time and have lost sexual desire, you should consult a specialist or go in for an ED self-test. You might speculate that you are suffering from depression or ED after going through the symptoms. In such a case, the healthcare specialist would help you with tests and examinations that further help to identify the causes of ED and further diagnose ED. Many a time, ED comes before depression; in such cases, it is best to go in for tests that can help you confirm and diagnose ED. This will help in treating both ED and depression so that you can get your groove back. 

Treating depression with ED

While depression alone is an issue, if the person is diagnosed with ED as well, then the treatment should be opted for as soon as possible. Treating depression with ED can bring back your life on track rather than sitting back in silence.

There are various ways in which depression can be treated, vis-à-vis, medication (anti-depressants, therapy, or both. The mode of treatment would be decided once your doctor can assess your situation, which would depend on the level of honesty with which you open up with your doctor. With ED in the picture, it becomes all the more important to be open with your doctor to discuss the medication, as many anti-depressant drugs might lead to or worsen the pre-existing ED.

Do not shy away from any procedures during the treatment phase for both depression and anxiety. The best way to go about it is to talk openly with your doctor. For both depression and ED, the doctor would ask you personal questions about your medical and sexual history to understand the situation better. There are various causes (physical, psychological, medical, lifestyle choices, etc.) that can result in ED, to understand if the ED is depression-led or vice versa, the doctor might delve deeper into your personal life.

Based on the assessment, the doctor might –

  • Prescribe advanced tests for ED.
  • Prescribe an anti-depressant or switch/ alter a pre-prescribed one.
  • Prescribe medication for ED and/or depression.
  • Prescribe a consultation or counseling session with a mental health professional. 

The Key to Deal with Depression and ED

Honesty and open communication with one’s partner are keys to dealing with depression and ED. This will help you in nurturing and growing your relationship in a meaningful manner. A partner’s support and understanding can work wonders with such conditions.

If you are someone whose partner is suffering from these conditions, then try to be supportive in all spheres. You can show your support by –

  • Visiting the doctor and/or the therapist together.
  • Adopting a positive approach.
  • Look for mental health professionals together.
  • Do your research on depression and ED.
  • Keep tabs on drugs, alcohol intake, smoking levels, negative thoughts, etc.
  • Keep boosting the partner’s esteem.

Depression can affect one’s life to a great extent; however, one should not take depression as a sign of personal weakness by any means. With males, the problem intensifies if their doctor diagnoses ED. Both issues can alter the ways one looks at things, oneself, and the way of life. If you feel there are visible symptoms of depression, you should go in for treatment instantly and not let the condition negatively impact your life. Depression can both be the reason and result of ED. Therefore, you must plan to treat depression with ED with a specialist to get control of your life and your self-esteem back. 

Remember that these are issues that are both normal and curable, don’t fret but proactively take charge and purge them!