Duovir-E Kit Tablet (Lamivudine/Zidovudine/Efavirenz)

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Buy Duovir-E Kit Online, which is HIV-AIDS medication, and it contains Lamivudine/Zidovudine/Efavirenz. Duovir-E Kit are medicines prescribed for treatment of the human immunodeficiency virus, otherwise know as HIV. Lamivudine Zidovudine Efavirenz can stop the infection from spreading in all over the body.

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Buy Duovir-E Kit Online, which is used & prescribed for the treatment of Hiv infection in human beings. Duovir-E Kit is a combination of three antiretrovirals. Lamivudine Zidovudine Efavirenz works by boosting the immunity to fight against HIV & works by providing a cure from AIDS. Duovir-E Kit stops the growth of HIV in the body as a result of this HIV relted complication reduces.

How to Use Duovir-E Kit?

Lamivudine Zidovudine Efavirenz should be consumed in an empty stomach as it increases the efficiency of the tablet. For the best result, take Duovir-E Kit at a fixed time daily as it is easy to remember & the level of medicine is maintained In the body. Duovir-E Kit is advised by the doctor not to miss any dose of this medication as it may hinder the recovery. Increasing or decreasing the dose own your own can be highly risky as it may increase the side of Lamivudine Zidovudine Efavirenz. Consume this tablet as per the dose & dosage advised by the doctor.

Side Effects of Lamivudine Zidovudine Efavirenz

There are some side effects of Duovir-E Kit are Headache, Tiredness, Nausea, Dizziness, Drowsiness.


What is the use Duovir E Kit Tablet?

For the treatment of HIV infection in adults.

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