Estram 140mg Capsule (Estramustine)

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Buy Estramustine Online, which is Anti-Cancer medication, and it contains Estramustine. Estramustine Capsule is a chemotherapy drug which is given to patients dealing with prostate cancer. Estram 140 mg can be advised by the doctor.

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Buy Estramustine Online, which is a medication used to treat some specific type of prostate cancer. After consuming Estramustine 140 mg, estramustine breaks down into estrogens (estrone, estradiol) and a type of cancer drug (estramustine). Estram 140 mg is thought to work by increasing estrogen, which interferes with prostate cancer, and by slowing/stopping the growth of cancer cells.

How to Use Estram 140 mg?

Take Estramustine Capsule is meant for oral consumption only. Estram 140 mg is to be consumed in an empty stomach either 1 hour before or 2 hours of a meal, usually 3-4 times a day or as directed by a doctor. Take this medication with a single glass of water. Take Estramustine 140 mg regularly as it will help to maintain the continuity level of medicine in the body. Don’t take Estramustine for breast cancer more than the prescribed dosage; it will not make you better but can increase the risk of side effects.

Side Effects of Estramustine 140 mg

There are some side effects of Estram 140 mg are Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, flushing, dry skin, headache, leg cramps, decreased sexual interest/ability, and male breast tenderness/enlargement may occur.

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    Took for four days and felt like sh- -. Begun perusing all surveys and immediately came to the choice that 5-10 years on this medication was not worth the low quality of life it causes.

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