Eye Care

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Eye care constitutes an essential part of a person’s health. Eyes help a person see the beautiful world and the surroundings. Some eye diseases can lead to loss of vision. Hence, it is essential to identify and treat these eye diseases at the earliest. A regular visit to the ophthalmologist is crucial to keep the eyes healthy. It is, therefore, vital to get the eyes tested and checked at a proper time.

Symptoms and signs

Many eye problems come with various symptoms and warning signs. Once a person begins to feel these symptoms, visit the ophthalmologist:

Dry eyes: Eyes are a common eye problem, and many people suffer from the same. Signs and symptoms of dry eyes include itching and burning in the eyes. In some rare cases, a person may experience loss of vision.

Glaucoma: Of glaucoma include pain and irritation in the eyes, sudden loss of vision, blurred vision, and reddening of the eyes. Glaucoma treatment should be sought immediately after experiencing symptoms.

Macular degeneration: vision is the key symptom of macular degeneration.


Following are the causes of common eye problems suffered by us:

Dry eyes: Eyes are a natural aging process of the eyes. Side effects from the drugs like antihistamines can also lead to drying of eyes.

Glaucoma: Is the result of the natural deterioration of the optic nerve. That leads to high fluid pressure on the front part of the eyes.

Macular degeneration: Is no exact cause of macular degeneration. According to research, this eye disease is the result of the combination of heredity and environmental factors.

Common drugs

The common medicines which are used to treat these common eye diseases are:

  • Olopat Eye Drop
  • Betaxolol Eye Drops
  • Profenac Eye Drop
  • Timolol Eye Drops
  • Loteprednol Eye Drops
  • Moreover, many other antibiotic eyes drop and glaucoma eye drops.


Prevention of many eye diseases can be by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. It is equally important to maintain a healthy weight as being overweight can cause a problem in the eyes. Additionally, one must perform regular exercises, wear sunglasses, and avoid smoking to keep the eyes healthy.


Visual Field Testing : This test, one eye is covered while the other is fixing on a target object. A person is then asked to describe what he sees with the other eye.

Color Vision Testing : The eye test measures the ability to tell the difference among colors. It is usually performed on the people who are not able to differentiate between colors.

Ophthalmoscopy : The test lets the ophthalmologist see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures. It is a routine eye examination.


Why do my eyelids twitch?

– The twitching of the eyelids is a widespread phenomenon. This twitching is temporary and completely harmless. It is causing because of fatigue and tiredness.

Is pink-eye contagious?

– Pink eye is viral conjunctivitis and is very common and contagious. The pink eye symptoms include reddening of the eyes, watery eyes, and constant itching in the eyes.