Famtrex 250mg Tablet (Famciclovir)

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Famtrex 250mg Tablet which is Viral Care medication, and it contains Famciclovir. Famtrex 250 mg Tablet is for those who have had chickenpox earlier, now need treatment from shingles infection, cold scores, and scores around genitals and rectum.

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Famtrex 250mg Tablet is specially designed to treat stubborn viral infections like herpes labialis, herpes simplex virus infections, shingles, genital herpes infection, and chickenpox. It clears the infection quickly as it prevents the multination of the virus in the human cell. Famtrex 250mg Tablet is an antiviral pill. Buy famtrex 250mg tablet online in USA from Dose Pharmacy at affordable prices.

How to use Famtrex 250mg Tablet?
Famciclovir Tablets can be consumed with or without a meal. Take the dose as advised by the physician. Don’t skip, change, or quit the dose until treatment is completed. For best result, take this medicine at a fixed time. Consume plenty of water with Famtrex 250mg Tablet as it helps to prevent dehydration and kidney damage. If you have missed a dosage, then take the next dose. Don’t double the dose.

Side Effects of Famtrex 250mg Tablet
Some common side effects may occur on the consumption of Famciclovir Tablets Headache, Dizziness, Vomiting, Nausea, Fatigue, Fever, Stomach pain, Diarrhea, Skin rash.
These side effects can last for a short period. If they continue for a longer period, then contact your doctor immediately.

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10 tablets in a strip

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1 review for Famtrex 250mg Tablet (Famciclovir)

  1. Ryleigh

    I have utilized the famciclovir more than once for mouth blisters. I have had no
    symptoms, and they have halted my mouth blisters without fail. I am ordinarily very
    touchy to a great deal of medications, so I was charmingly astounded.

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