Gemita 1000mg Injections (Gemcitabine)

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Gemita 1000mg Injections which is Anti-Cancer medication, and it contains Gemcitabine. Gemcitabine Injections are given to treat cancer of different types, which include ovarian, lung, breast, pancreatic cancers. Gemita 1000mg Injections are chemotherapy drugs.

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Gemita 1000mg Injections is an anti-cancer medication that is used to treat cancer of the pancreas, lungs, ovaries, & breast. Gemita Injections helps cancer cells from growing & multiplying, thus conflicts to destroy the tumor. It is an antimetabolite drug. This medication is only injected into your vein by IV Injection or IV infusion.

How to use Gemita 1000mg Injections?
Gemita Injection must be selfly administrated by health care experts or with the help of experienced doctors/physicians. It advised taking the medication with dose & dosage prescribed by your doctor. Gemcitabine Injections may cause pain & irritation at the site of infusion & this normal don’t panic; it goes after some time. The dose of this medicine depends upon the following factors like individual weight, height, general health, and medical history.

Side effects of Gemita 1000mg Injections
There are some side effects of Gemcitabine Injection Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, decreased blood cells, rash, increased liver enzymes, blood in urine, protein in the urine, shortness of breath.

Deliberate your doctor immediately if the problem persists for a more extended period.

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1 injection in a vial

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12-18 Working Days

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  1. Cayden

    Take great three wkd off a multi-week. So far, high contrasted with heaving, extraordinary weariness, and male pattern baldness from the Cisplatin that I was taking a year ago. Thank you.

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