Gentamicin 0.3% Eye Drop (Gentamicin Sulph)

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Buy Gentamicin Eye Drop Online, which is Eye Care medication, and it contains Gentamicin Sulph. Gentamicin Eye Drop that are prescribed for bacterial infections of the eyes or eyelids. The drops kill germs (bacteria) which are the cause of infection.

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Active Ingredient/Drug Salt



Dosage Form

Eye Drop


Pacific Parma


5ml in a bottle

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Buy Gentamicin Eye Drop Online, which is specially designed by the manufactures to treat bacterial infection of the eyes & skin around the eyes. gentamicin eye drops is also used to prevent eye infection if you have undergone an injury or surgery. Gentamicin Eye Drop belongs to a specific group of drugs known as aminoglycoside antibiotics. Gentamicin 0.3% Eye Drop will not work on for another type of infection.

How to Use Gentamicin Eye Drop?

Use Gentamicin Eye Drop precisely as advised by doctor/medical expert/ophthalmologist misuse of this medication can lead to a reduction in the efficiency of this eye drop. Sanitize your hand before applying this eye drop. Remove your contact lenses before using Gentamicin Sulph Eye Drop & don’t wear them for at least 15 minutes after applying gentamicin drops. Look upward hold your eyelid hold the dropper directly near to eye make sure the drop goes into your eye then close your eye for at least 2mins. It is advised by the doctor not to blink your eyes or rub them after applying Gentamicin Eye Drop.

Side Effects of Gentamicin 0.3% Eye Drop

Burning, redness, temporary blurred vision, Eye stinging may occur.

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  1. Ember

    Gentamicin ophthalmic (for the eyes) is utilized to treat bacterial contamination of the eyes.

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