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How Does Coronavirus Spreads, and How Can You Protect Yourself?

How Does Coronavirus Spreads, and How Can You Protect Yourself?

Coronavirus spreads from one person to another who are at close quarters. It has similar symptoms to some of the other respiratory diseases, for instance, flu. The new virus has continued to spread all over the world, forcing governments to pull up their sock in containing the virus from spreading. Dispersion of either mucus and saliva through sneezing into the air by an infected person may come into contact with someone in close proximity whenever he or she touches an infected surface and finally touch their face.

According to a study done by scientists, these droplets stay in the air for a period of about 10minutes. Spreading of this virus of primary concern to transport and travel. This is because the infected droplets could pass from one passenger to the other through regularly infected touched surfaces such as the airplane seats or armrests. Its incubation period is about 14 days for symptoms to appear.

To contain the virus, one needs to take responsibility for protecting themselves. Research states that it’s vital to wash your hands with soap and clean water regularly. You can also use alcohol-based sanitizers to sanitize your hands and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. If you happen to sneeze or cough in public, make sure to engulf your face with our elbow. Use a tissue and incline of it if you happen to have a running nose. People are also advised to wear masks to protect themselves from contacting the virus. If, for instance, you happen to experience any COVID -19 symptoms, you are advised to either see a doctor or quarantine yourself for a period of 2 weeks.

Temperature checking Guns

With the ongoing pandemic, there is an increase in the use of Thermal Gun for coronavirus testing, especially in places such as airports or banks. Checking temperature for any person can help reduce the spread of the virus. The principal aim of this device is to measure one’s body temperature from a distance. Its accuracy depends on how it’s used for instance;

  • The distance between the device and you.
  • Where exactly it’s pointed.
  • How long its hold.
  • The steadiness until the results are registered.

Instead of using thermal screening at the airport, which might bring out false results on infected people, handheld Thermal guns are used to check temperatures for infected people.

Quick Testing Kit for Covid-19

With a shortage of Testing Kit for COVID-19, the United States is requesting private companies to create home kits for COVID-19. With this testing kit, one can daub their nose and collect a sample. After this, the fluid sample is taken to the laboratory for further examination. You need to whirl a cotton swab to obtain the fluid sample.


With the fast coronavirus spreads, Governments are taking action by enforcing rules such as lockdown and restricting movement to help its citizens from spreading and contacting the virus.