Irinotel 100mg Injection (Irinotecan)

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Buy Irinotecan Injection Online, which is Anti-Cancer medication and it contains Irinotecan. Irinotecan Injections are cancer treatment drugs and are given to treat rectal or colon cancer. Irinotel 100 mg Injections are a class of antineoplastic medication.

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Buy Irinotecan Injection Online, which is used to treat cancer of the colon & rectum. Irinotecan Injections are an anticancer drug used either alone or in combination with anticancer drugs for the treatment of colorectal cancer. Irinotecan 100 mg Injection is not recommended for use in a patient below 18 years of age. Irinotel 100 mg Injection prevents the multiplication & spread of the cancer cells.

How to Use Irinotel 100 mg Injection?

Irinotel 100 mg Injection can be injected by medical experts only. It is to be taken in the dosage as recommended by the doctor. You should continue the dosage of Irinotecan 100 mg Injection as advised by your doctor. The duration of the treatment is not time-based; it might vary in response time. Your doctor/nurse/medical expert can inject Irinotel Injection don’t self-administrate. Your doctor may advise having a proper kidney, and liver function during the treatment.

Side Effects of Irinotecan 100 mg Injection:

There are some side effects of Irinotecan Injections Headache, Vomiting, Nausea, Increased liver enzymes, Stomach pain, and Diarrhea.

Kindly deliberate with your doctor if these side effects last for an extended period.


How does Irinotecan 100 work? 

Irinotecan 100 is an anticancer drug that belongs to a class of medications called topoisomerase I inhibitors. It works by inhibiting an enzyme called topoisomerase I, which plays a role in DNA replication and repair. By blocking this enzyme, Irinotecan 100 prevents cancer cells from dividing and growing, ultimately leading to their death.

Can Irinotecan 100 be used as a standalone treatment? 

Irinotecan 100 is often used as part of combination chemotherapy regimens for the treatment of cancer. It is usually not used as a standalone treatment. The specific treatment plan will depend on the type and stage of the cancer and will be determined by a healthcare professional.

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  1. My PCP endorsed this with no solid proof that I had mCRC. CT Scan and PET Scan demonstrated injuries that were suspicious, however, not indicative.

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