Ketosteril Tablet (Alpha Ketoanalogue)

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Buy Ketosteril Online, which is Bladder And Prostate Disorders medication, and it contains Alpha Ketoanalogue. Ketosteril Tablet is useful for patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease. Ketosteril is a recommended medicine for Kidney disease.

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Buy Ketosteril Online, which is prescribed to provide nutritional therapy to patients with kidney problems. Ketosteril prevents the unnecessary increase in urea levels in the blood. It belongs to an organization of drugs known as nutritional supplements. Ketosteril contains a protein that works to build cells and muscles in the body to keep the protein content normal.

How to Use Ketosteril?

Ketosteril is available for oral consumption and is taken with or without food. Take Ketosteril Tablet in the dose and duration as directed by the doctor. The drug provides better results if taken with a low-fat diet. While taking Alpha Ketoanalogue, regularly monitor serum calcium levels.

Side Effects of Ketosteril

There may be side effects associated with Ketosteril tablets such as nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea, skin rashes, blurred vision, and hypercalcemia. If any of the above side effects prevail for more than a day or two, seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms are more pronounced if the medicine is used extensively.

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  1. Jayla

    Ketosteril Tablet has a place with a class of medications called compensatory enhancements. It pursues the same catabolic pathways as amino acids and works by improving the digestion of protein in the body, in this way improving the renal capacity.

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