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Low Male Libido – Causes And Treatment

Low Male Libido – Causes And Treatment

A low level of libido is common in guys, but very few males discuss it. Virility plays a significant role in the concept of manhood. But that is not really too. There can be several reasons for low libido in men, and it can also be treated in several ways.

What causes low male libido?

Several physical and psychological reasons can cause low libido in men. Sometimes it can be caused because of both reasons. Physical reasons that lead to low male libido include low testosterone levels in males, too much or too little exercise, prescription medicines, drugs, smoking, and alcohol usage. Stress, relationship problems, and stress are the psychological reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction or ED in males.

According to research, 4 out of 10 men above the age of 45 have low levels of testosterone. It can be solved using testosterone replacement therapy, but this is a somewhat controversial solution. If you feel that your sex drive has dropped, then you should consult a doctor before taking any over-the-counter medicines.

How to treat ED?

Once you know the leading cause of the problem, then your doctor can suggest possible treatment methods. Common treatments for erectile dysfunction include:

  • A healthy lifestyle. Choose to eat healthily, do regular workouts, and get enough sleep. Cut down on drugs, smoking, and alcohol, and reduce stress. Meditation can also help a lot. Make healthy lifestyle choices, and you would see the difference.
  • If you think that certain medication is affecting your libido, then do opt for alternate medicine.
  • Counseling to improve your relationship and reduce stress.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy.

If your doctor thinks that the issue is psychological, then he may recommend therapy. In most cases, low libido is caused because of a desire to have a closer relationship with your partner, which may not be sexual yet intimate. These issues can be discussed openly with a therapist, with your partner, or alone. If you are suffering from depression, taking antidepressants can help. But this can further lower your sex drive.

Another option that you might be sure to choose is taking medicines that you see in magazines and TV ads like Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. The truth about these medicines is that they do not boost your libido; they help you in getting and keeping erections. So instead of suppressing your emotions and making it further worse, you should discuss the issue with a doctor or your partner and find a proper solution that does not come with lots of side effects.
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