Novonorm 1mg Tablet (Repaglinide)

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Buy Repaglinide 1 Mg Online, which is Diabetes Care medication, and it contains Repaglinide. Novonorm 1 mg are indicated to patients with uncontrollable hyperglycaemic conditions. These repaglinide tablets can be used along with metformin.

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Buy Repaglinide 1 mg Online, which is a medicine used to control high glucose levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients. Novonorm 1 mg helps in a fast and efficient regulation of blood sugar after meals. Repaglinide 1 mg is commonly used in conjunction with other medical products. Patients are recommended to adhere to a strict exercise and diet regimen with Repaglinide Tablets for the best effect.

How to Use Novonorm 1 mg?

Novonorm 1 mg cannot be chewed or crushed. Instead, you have to swallow it whole. It can be taken with food but should be taken on a fixed time. If you have been taking Repaglinide 1 mg for an extended period, your physician may perform routine tests. You may also need to divide the tablet for the correct dose — the medicine, along with proper diet and exercise, results in the control of blood glucose.

Side Effects of Repaglinide  1 mg

Some side effects of Novonorm 1 mg are anxiety, bloody urine, bladder pain, increased hunger, confusion, blurred vision, confusion, chills, nausea, vomiting, rash, abdominal pain.

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  1. Hawksley

    Functioned admirably, yet I got low glucose a couple of times.

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