Poxet 60mg Tablet (Dapoxetine)

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Poxet 60mg Tablet which is Men’s Health medication, and it contains Dapoxetine. Prescribed to men to treat Premature Ejaculation (PE), Dapoxetine tablets are reliable drugs. Poxet 60 contains Dapoxetine- Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI).

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Poxet 60 mg Tablet is basically for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE) or too fast ejaculation. In this situation, a man gets ejaculation very early, which leads to an unhealthy sexual relationship. The medicine allows you to delay the onset of ejaculation, at least 3 – 4 times. This medicine acts much faster as compared to other antidepressants, and is also works rapidly.

What is the Poxet 60mg Tablet?
Poxet 60mg Tablet is a drug that is prescribed by a doctor to those who are having a problem of PE(i.e., premature ejaculation). In this, a man’s ejaculation takes place too quickly. The medicines increase the level of the natural chemical, serotonin in the brain .which sends the nervous system and delaying the nerve sensation that results in ejaculation occurring.

How does Poxet 60mg Tablet work?
These tablets contain dapoxetine 60mg, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. That is used for premature ejaculation (PE), as it acts quickly with a maximum reaction within 1-2 hours and a shortened half-life, which means that it is flush out from the body within 24 hours. The action of the dapoxetine tablet provides the natural process of sexual intercourse.

How to take Poxet 60mg Tablet?
One should absorb it orally with a full glass of water. Don’t break the tablet. You should take your Poxet 60mg one – three hours before the planned sexual session. One should avoid alcohol if you are taking these pills.

Poxet 60 mg Tablet Dosage
You should not take more than one tablet once in 24 hours. The overdose of this tablet can be injurious or dangerous for one’s health. If you have missed a dose, then take the next dose when prescribed. Consult your doctor once before taking this tablet.

Poxet 60mg Tablet Interaction
Patients suffering from heart problems should not consume this medicine as it may cause rapid drop blood pressure. Avoid alcohol with this medication.

Side effects of Poxet 60mg
The doctor discloses that there are some side effects of these tablets too, Consult your doctor before taking this medicine. If you face any of this system kindly consult your nearest doctor. Some of minor & major side effects are Headache, Flushing, Dyspepsia, Dizziness, Nasal congestion, Blurring of vision.

Poxet 60mgTablet Online
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How should we store Poxet 60 mg tablet?
You should store your Poxet 60 mg tablet in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 25°C.

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