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Buy Prograf 1 mg Online, which is Immunosuppressive Drugs medication, and it contains Tacrolimus. Tacrolimus Capsules are given to patients to prevent organ rejection by the body. Prograf dosage is for patients who have under some type of organ transplant, for instance, heart, lungs, kidney, or liver.

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Buy Prograf 1 mg Online, which is said to be a medicine that is known as an immunosuppressant. Tacrolimus 1 mg is a prescribed medicine used along with other drugs to prevent the body from rejecting a new organ (such as liver, kidney, or heart) after transplant. Tacrolimus Capsules works by weakening the body’s immune system, so it does not attack the transplanted organ.

How to Use Prograf 1 mg?

Prograf 1 mg is taken by mouth with or without food. Usually, it is taken every 12 hours. The Prograf dosage depends on the type of transplant the individual has undergone and body weight. Take Tacrolimus 1 mg in the dosage and duration as directed by the doctor and do not increase or decrease the dosage.

Side Effects of Tacrolimus 1 mg

Some of the common side effects of Tacrolimus 1 mg are diarrhea, the increased glucose level in the blood, increased thirst, kidney damage, liver damage, nausea, stomach pain, and insomnia (difficulty in sleeping). If any of the above symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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    Following quite a while of attempting various steroid creams endorsed by my primary care physician, a dermatologist-recommended Protopic. Outright wonder treatment.

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