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Quick Testing Kit for COVID-19

Quick Testing Kit for COVID-19


First identified in Wuhan, back in December 2019, Coronavirus has spread rapidly all over the world, claiming lives every day. Similar to the Common cold in symptoms, but deadlier in the aftermath, COVID-19 is transmitted through direct contact with those affected, and not airborne.


It can be from mild discomfort in breathing to pneumonia and death if left unchecked. Thermal guns and testing kits for COVID-19 have found their way into the market for quickly testing your temperature and the presence of Corona in your blood. You can now get a Coronavirus Testing Kit, a more accurate test, which requires a medical professional to run the test, and the test can take up to 2 weeks to show results. People affected by the coronavirus may not show symptoms for a week. They might have the virus in them, but their body may not even react to it, making them carriers. That is why it is important to keep personal hygiene at all times and completely avoid public places whenever possible.


Many home care steps can be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you feel like you’re running a temperature, isolate yourself immediately from others at home. Observe a strict quarantine and stay home until the symptoms have cleared. Although the Temperature checking gun is still used in public places to check the temperature, it may not always be accurate, leading to many infected people not being screened. You can opt for the time-consuming, but more apt Quick Testing Kit for COVID-19, which is now available to buy. It requires the test to be done by a medical professional, who will take a blood sample to test the positivity of Corona in your body.

It is a rapid way to check for the presence of the coronavirus, and cannot be considered the sole diagnosis for coronavirus. With little blood sample or serum, the test can show results in a matter of minutes. The disadvantage of these IgG/IgM tests is that it needs a professional t to conduct the test.


As of today, no vaccination or drug has been proven to treat a patient affected by this deadly drug completely. Various speculations have been brought out, that drugs for Malaria can cure COVID-19, but it is yet to be proven. As far as science is concerned, the best thing you can do is isolate yourself even if you don’t have any Coronavirus symptoms, to avoid getting it or giving it to someone else.


Of the 2.79 million confirmed cases in the world, 24,506 people have been confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19, claiming 775 deaths in India so far.