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Remedies for Head Lice: What Works?

Remedies for Head Lice

Hair Lice can rapidly become an irritation when left unattended to. With all the continuous itching and annoyance, your kid will have a hard time relaxing and carrying out daily activities at home or school. Spending a lot of time with other children affected with head lice could make your kid contact this irritation. If you notice lice on your kid’s scalp, then that might be the cause. Antifungal Medications are useful. Here’s everything you require to know about natural medicines to be free of head lice.


Use purified vinegar. Mildly apply it on your kid’s hair. Leave this on for a moment, then rinse hair carefully with clean water. You could even use apple cider vinegar for treating head lice. We also recommend applying coconut oil to comb hair when you’re done washing to extract the dead lice and nits.

Olive Oil

Apply olive oil on your kid’s scalp till it looks soaked. The olive oil leaves no room for lice to breathe so they do not survive. Afterward, 15-20 minutes, comb out the deceased lice plus apply shampoo toward remove the extra oil and then rinse off. Repeat the method a few times until you see no trace of lice or red bumps on your kid’s hair and scalp. Make sure you wash attires carefully afterward every session.

Tea Tree Oil

This is one of the most excellent home medicines for head lice and eggs in kids. Just pour tea tree oil in a spray jug and mix it with water. Spray it on your kid’s scalp and cover with a towel for a while. Remove the towel and rinse carefully. Repeat twice a week for maximum outcomes. You might add a few tea tree oil into your child’s shampoo or to olive oil for combing out the nits.


Lice can’t stand garlic, so it is used to eliminate them from the hair! Just add 8-10 cloves of garlic into lime juice and grind them into a paste. Mix them and apply the mixture on your kid’s scalp. Let it stay on for 30 minutes, then rinse scalp with warm water.

Try out these simple yet effective home remedies, and you will see your kid’s hair and scalp free of lice invasions. Make sure to repeat these process two to three times a week for the most excellent results. Though, some of these can be done every day.