Silybon 70mg Tablet (Silymarin)

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Buy Silymarin 70 Mg Online, which is Viral Care medication, and it contains Silymarin. Silymarin tablets can be recommended to treat different types of liver problems. Some people take Silybon 70 mg to lower cholesterol levels as well.

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Buy Silymarin 70 mg online, which is used for to treat liver dysfunction problem. In this situation, the liver doesn’t work normal synthetic and metabolic functions as part of normal physiology. Silybon 70 mg is also used as supplementary medicine for treating chronic inflammatory diseases such as cirrhosis liver toxicity and liver damage.

How to Use Silybon 70 mg?

Silymarin Tablets is to be consumed orally with a single glass of water and it is to be consumed as advised by the doctor. For an adult, the dosage is 70 mg for 2-3 daily. Remember the dosage & time of Silymarin 70 mg if you have missed a dose then consume it immediately when you remember if it is a time of the next dose then skip the dosage. Don’t take a double dose. For the best result, take Silybon 70 mg before going to bed.

Side Effects of Silymarin 70 mg

They are some side effect of silybon 70 mg like Nausea. rash abdomen pain, Itching, Diarrhea

Consult your doctor urgently if any of these symptoms are observed.

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