Suninat 50mg Capsule (Sunitinib)

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Buy Sunitinib Online, which is Anti Cancer medication, and it contains Sunitinib. Sunitinib Capsules are given to patients to treat kidney, pancreas, and intestinal cancer. Suninat 50 mg can also be given to high risk kidney patients as well to stop cancer cells from coming back.

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Buy Sunitinib Online, which is one most effective tablets globally to treat cancer in the kidney & gastrointestinal stromal tumors. Sunitinib 50 mg is an anticancer medicine that stops the growth of cancer-causing cells in the body. As well it prevents the growth of cancerous cells. Suninat is also used to treat types of tumors of the kidney, pancreas & digestive system.

How to Work Suninat 50 mg?

Suninat 50 mg should be taken as per the dose & dosage advised by the doctor. One should continue taking Sunitinib Capsules as long as suggested by the doctor. Sallow this medicine with a pure glass of water, it is advised not to break chew, or crush the tablet as may increase the side effect of this tablet. Take Sunitinib 50 mg at a fixed time daily and keep a proper check on blood pressure & thyroid gland function while taking this medicine.

Side Effect of Sunitinib 50 mg:

Sunitinib 50 mg may have some side effects like Weakness, Edema (swelling), Abdominal pain, Discoloration of Skin, Fatigue, Fever, High blood pressure, Bleeding, Dry skin, Painful blisters on hands and feet, pain in extremities, Hair discoloration, Back pain, Headache, Joint pain, Weight loss, Cough, Indigestion, Shortness of breath.


How does Suninat 50 work?

Suninat 50 works by inhibiting the activity of specific proteins called tyrosine kinases, which are involved in the growth and spread of cancer cells. By blocking these proteins, Suninat 50 helps to slow down or stop the growth of cancer cells.

Can Suninat 50 be used by children?

Suninat 50 is generally not recommended for use in children unless specifically prescribed by a pediatric oncologist. The safety and effectiveness of the medication in pediatric patients have not been fully established.

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  1. I have begun my chemo venture seven years back, managing stage 4 kidney malignancy.

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