Supatret 0.04% Aqueous Gel (Tretinoin Gel Microsphere)

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Supatret 0.04% Gel which is Skin Care medication, and it contains Tretinoin Gel. Tretinoin Microsphere Gel 0.04 Supatret helps cure facial wrinkles and treating acne problems. this derivative of Vitamin A, Supatret 0.04% Gel at the best price.

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Supatret 0.04% Aqueous Gel, is the medication that is prescribed by a dermatologist, to those who are suffering from severe acne problem. Tretinoin gel effectively treats acne & helps to reduce the number of pimples that are developed while healing the pimples that have already formed on the body. Supatret Gel belongs to a specific group known as a retinoid.

How to Use Supatret 0.04% Aqueous Gel?

Tretinoin Gel should be applied as per dose & dosage advised by your doctor or dermatologist. Clear the affected area with plenty of water, make sure to dry it thoroughly with a soft towel, then apply Supatret Gel on the affected area in the amount asked by your doctor or dermatologist. Consume plenty of water to avoid dryness on mouth lips & face. If you’re going out, then cover your face with the cloth.

Side Effect of Tretinoin Gel

One should consult a doctor or dermatologist before applying Supatret 0.04% Aqueous Gel as it may cause following side effects like skin irritation, burning or tingling sensation of the skin, Red spots on the skin, peeling, and blistering of the skin.

1 review for Supatret 0.04% Aqueous Gel (Tretinoin Gel Microsphere)

  1. I’ve utilized this for quite a long time with nasal injuries and skin wounds. Generally following 2 to 3 days the contamination clears up. Extremely supportive medicine.
    There might be slight nasal consuming that may keep going for a moment or two.

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