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What Happens If You Take Generic Viagra Every Day

What Happens If You Take Generic Viagra Every Day

Many people would consider taking sildenafil citrate (commonly known as Generic Viagra) as a solution to their erectile-dysfunction (ED). Coherently, the official Viagra Web (2019) recommends men availing themselves with a pill at least once in 24 hours, and a daily intake following a physician’s prescription would be advantageous to one’s sexual life. Frequently ingesting the erectile-dysfunction pill might sound a little excessive, but the determination to find out what it is like on daily intake is prior. When discussing what happens if you take generic Viagra every day, one needs to learn that it aids the sex activeness to go a long way and might be a (very effective) placebo despite ED at times being in a person’s head.

Aids the Sex Activeness to Go a Long Way

The fact that this blue erectile-dysfunction pill comes in different sizes (25mg, 50mg, or 100mg), it is essential to note that following a physician’s prescription is best for it to do a great job. However, several types of research show that a third (25mg) of the dose out of the 100mg is just enough for a man to accomplish great work during intercourse and harden the penis every morning for another sexual moment. According to Harvard Health Publishing (2020), the consistent daily sildenafil citrate dosage ingestion prone men to metal hard sudden erections that never stop working after four hours. However, these erections decline their activeness by a percentage of 50 after every four hours. Hence supporting a man’s sexual performance.

Might be a (Very Effective) Placebo

When taking Viagra, one can notice a full and harder erection than usual. Sildenafil citrate makes no better erection for people often experiencing intact erections. Basing on Moynihan’s (2003) thought, he claims that problems affecting people mentally rather than physically are likely to make their natural erection less splendid than the medically assisted ones. However, men taking Viagra without any erectile dysfunctions are dumping their money into the drain since Viagra to them is for recreational purposes rather than abiding by its course. Therefore, Viagra makes a man’s ability to erect more effectively.


To sum it up, it is wise to note that the ability to have a powerful erection effectively starts from the brain. When one is unable to mitigate situations like stress, low self-esteem, depression, and frequent relationship conflicts, then the possibility for excellent erection and sexual performance is a zero, so Generic Viagra is the way to solve this issue. Despite sildenafil citrate being the most reliable erectile dysfunction drug on demand, it comes along with several effects like headache, stomach upset, back pain, and muscle pain.  Consequently, taking the right dose prescribed by the physician is essential to avoid such consequences and yet other serious consequences that may come along.