Tasigna 150mg Capsule (Nilotinib)

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Buy Nilotinib 150 mg online, which is Anti-Cancer medication, and it contains Nilotinib. Nilotinib Capsules, just like tasigna 150 mg or tasigna capsules are given to patients to treat cancer and slower the growth of cancer cells in the body.

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Buy Nilotinib 150 mg online, is used for the treatment of blood cancer treatment. It is for those patients whose diseases can be treated by any other medication for leukaemia or who cannot take other medicines due to severe side effects. Tasigna 150 mg works by slowing the growth of blood cancer cells. Nilotinib Capsules is not recommended for patients below the age of 1.

How to Use Tasigna 150 mg?

Take Nilotinib 150 mg is to be consumed orally. With a single glass of water. Sallow the whole tablet at once. Tasigna 150 mg is to be consumed without taking a proper meal. It is advised to take this tablet twice a day or ask your doctor for dose & dosage. Don’t take a meal at least one hour before taking a meal & two hours after taking a meal. Taking Tasigna 150 mg with food can increase the number of drugs in your body & this can lead to a high risk of side effects.

Side effects of Nilotinib 150 mg

There is some major & minor side effect of Nilotinib Capsule Bleeding gums, Blurred vision, Bone pain, Dark-colored urine bladder pain.

1 review for Tasigna 150mg Capsule (Nilotinib)

  1. Penny

    I take 2 (150mg) toward the beginning of the day and two around evening time 12 hours separated. So far, my reactions have been insignificant.

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