Tenovate 0.05% Cream (Clobetasone)

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Buy Clobetasone cream online, which is a Skin Care medication, and it contains Clobetasone. Tenovate Cream is applied to reduce itching and inflammation in the scalp and skin. A Clobetasone Cream base medication should be applied as prescribed.

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Tenovate cream is Clobetasone Cream that is applied for the cure of different types of skin deformation like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and allergies. Buy Clobetasone cream online, which helps reduce redness, itchy skin, and red rashes on the skin surface. The use of Clobetasone should be strictly under doctors’ or pharmacists’ observance. Clobetasone cream is not recommended for children below 12 as they are more prone to side effects. buy clobetasone cream online at dose pharmacy

How to Use Tenovate Cream?

Tenovate Cream is for external applications only. A doctor should strictly guide the procedure of use and the duration of a period of application. In normal conditions, clean and dry the affected area, and apply Clobetasone cream in a thin layer on the skin.

Side Effects of Clobetasone Cream

Clobetasone Cream causes Cushing’s syndrome in patients who have been using a high dosage for a long period. Symptoms like swelling on the skin or face and an increase in blood sugar levels should be informed immediately to a doctor. Tenovate Cream is not advised for children below 12.


Can Clobetasone Cream be used for sunburn?

No, Tenovate 0.05% Cream is not recommended for use on sunburned skin. It is designed to treat specific skin conditions and may cause further irritation to sunburned skin.

Can Tenovate 0.05% Cream be used on open wounds? 

No, Tenovate 0.05% Cream should use on open wounds or broken skin. It is important to avoid using the medication on areas of the skin that are infected or inflamed, as it may increase the risk of side effects.

 Can Clobetasone Cream be used for hair loss? 

No, Tenovate 0.05% Cream does not use to treat hair loss. It is a topical medication that is used to treat certain skin conditions.

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  1. Started utilization of this drug upon receipt in mail. Just a couple of portions were essential when viability were noted. No symptoms noted all through the treatment time frame.
    Dermatologist will survey the site at next arrangement.

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