Terms and Conditions

The following are provisions related to our terms and conditions


  1. We and our employees bear no liability in connection with any medicines purchased from our website. It is, therefore, the full responsibility of the customer to have a consultation with the doctor before buying medicines from our platform.
  2. All images of products available on the website are for the purpose of reference only. The packaging or product for sale may differ from images.
  3. All prices listed on the medicines are subject to change at our discretion
  4. This site reserves all the rights to refuse customers and cancel the order without any prior notice or reason. A full refund to the customer shall be made if orders have been paid for.
  5. The information on medicines provided on the website is for reference only. The medicines should always be taken as per the prescription of the medical practitioners.


Upon placing an order on our website, you shall be asked to provide your personal information. However, this site maintains SSL encryption technology which is used for your safety. This technology shall run throughout before your personal information goes through the internet. Thus, this means that personal information provided by you shall always remain secure and no one would be able to steal personal information including the details of your credit card/debit card provided by you.

Comments and feedback

You are always welcome to put comments and feedback in terms of our services. You can leave us a comment anytime in regard to our privacy policy. You can reach out to us via email and we shall get back to you within the stipulated time period.

Shipping Policy/orders

Every order placed entertains a shipping fee that would be based on the weight of the medicine and the size of the packaging. You are required to allow us a time of 7 business days to ship your order. We also deliver orders ahead of time in many cases.


Shipping rates and policies provided by us can change at any time, with or without giving you prior notice. Hence, it is recommended to always keep yourself updated about the rates of the medicines that we release. It is important to mention that this company only ships products to all addresses.

Shipping address

The default shopping address shall be considered as one that you used on the last order that you had a place with us. You will be able to change this shipping address at the time of checking out. Any changes so made shall not affect current order that you have placed. The medication that you are receiving from us shall remain in their generic form.

Custom Delays

This site is not responsible for any kind of delays for goods in transit to you. You accept that order has been placed into your country and any delays caused by the Government’s Customs Department or by delivery service shall be beyond our control.

Custom Charges

We accept that you shall be requested to make payment of customs charges for all goods that you are likely to import. These charges shall be directly payable by you to your Customs Department respectively.