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The Common Side Effects of ED Drugs

The Common Side Effects of ED Drugs

To understand what exactly erectile dysfunction is in laymen’s terms, it is simply the inability or the difficulty to get an erection in men. What causes an erection? When the penis is stimulated with erotic thoughts or by touch, the penile muscles relax, letting the blood flow into its chambers, causing an erection. Failure to do that causes erectile dysfunction.

Of course, it happens to most men from time to time, which is harmless, but if it occurs frequently or always, then it is a serious concern. Many factors cause ED, Low blood pressure, obesity, stress, anxiety, etc.


There are many ED drugs available in the market now, which can be taken as per the doctor’s advice, combined with talk therapy and other medications to treat the underlying causes. These drugs simply stimulate the blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.

Side effects of ED drugs

Although many people who take ED medications are not affected, there are several common side effects of ED drugs that need to be addressed.

  • Digestive Problems – Taking these drugs might affect your digestive problems, causing diarrhea or indigestion. Altering the diet usually works, like cutting on caffeine or alcohol. It is best to check with the doctor if the symptom is severe.⦁ Vision changes – Sometimes, these drugs can cause blurry vision, a blue tinge to the vision corner, or temporary vision loss. If the vision loss persists, it is advised to stop the oral medication immediately and seek the doctor’s advice.⦁ Priapism – Although uncommon, it is one of the severe side effects of taking ED drugs, where the penis is erect for higher than four hours.⦁ Flushing – Some oral ED drugs cause irritation or redness of the skin. Although it causes itchiness, it is mostly harmless.

⦁ Aches- The most common side effect related to ED is headaches, caused by the sudden blood flow.  Some have also experienced muscle pains and lower back pains.

⦁ Running nose is also a possibility, although it is pretty harmless and goes away on its own.

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