Tretiva 10mg Capsule (Isotretinoin)

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Buy Tretiva 10 Mg Online, which is Acne medication, and it contains Isotretinoin. Patients suffering from severe acne issues can receive great relief from Isotretinoin capsules. Isotretinoin 10 mg is safe to use and they are FDA approved.

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Buy Tretiva 10 mg online, which is a commonly occurring compound of vitamin A and is used for treating severe (nodular) acne, which is non-responsive to other types of therapies. Tretiva 10 mg contains Isotretinoin, which controls all the factors causing acne by reducing the size and activity of the oil glands. Isotretinoin effectively cures Acne Vulgaris.

How to Use Tretiva 10 mg?

Always take Tretiva 10 mg as instructed by the doctor. Do not take in smaller or larger quantities than prescribed. Isotretinoin Capsules should be taken with food. Sometimes the symptoms worsen in the initial phase of treatment. Isotretinoin 10 mg may interact with other medicines or skin creams. So consult your doctor if you are using other products or drugs.

Side Effects of Isotretinoin 10 mg:

Isotretinoin 10 mg can cause adverse reactions to the skin during sun exposure. So take appropriate precautionary measures. Other side effects include bone and joint pain, Severe dryness of the lips, Itchiness, Vision defect, Diarrhoea, and Vomiting, Sleep-related problems, Hearing impairment, Hyperlipidaemia, Depression, Psychotic disorders, Headache, Pain in the abdomen, Congenital disorders including Foetal deformities.

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Is Tretiva 10 safe during pregnancy? 

No, Tretiva 10 is not safe during pregnancy. It can cause serious birth defects and should not be taken by women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Women of childbearing age should use effective contraception while taking Tretiva 10 and for at least one month after stopping the medication.

Can Isotretinoin 10 be taken with other medications? 

Tretiva 10 can interact with certain medications, including vitamin A supplements, tetracycline antibiotics, and some oral contraceptives. It is important to tell your doctor about all medications, supplements, and herbal products you are taking before starting Tretiva 10.

How long does it take for Isotretinoin 10mg to work? 

Tretiva 10 may take several weeks or even months to work. It is important to be patient and continue taking the medication as directed by your doctor. Improvement may be gradual, and some acne may initially worsen before improving.

2 reviews for Tretiva 10mg Capsule (Isotretinoin)

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  1. Tretiva Capsule was the best thing I could possibly do for my skin and
    I would do it once more If that I needed to.

  2. I took Tretiva Capsule for a half year, and to state, it has
    been a LIFESAVER would be putting it mildly. After two
    years and no violent reactions, or third arm developing.
    Nowadays, I get nothing, not exactly a single pimple from
    time to time. This medicine is a lifeline If that you can take it.

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