Tretizen 20mg Capsule (Isotretinoin)

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Tretizen 20mg Capsule which is Acne medication, and it contains Isotretinoin. With the help of Isotretinoin capsules, one can treat severe acne issues effectively. No one likes permanent scars and now one can get an effective solution with Tretizen 20 capsules. It is available online.

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Tretizen 20mg capsule is used to treat grave, close-mouthed, de acne, which does not respond to other treatments, including antibiotics. Its chemical name is Isotretinoin. Tretizen 20mg capsule is a form of vitamin A. It decreases the amount of oil secreted by oil glands in the skin. Tretizen capsules assist in lessening the bacteria, inflammation, and open clogged pores. buy tretizen online at dose pharmacy

How to use Tretizen 20mg capsule?

Take Tretizen 20mg Capsule as directed by the health care physician. Follow all the instructions specified on the label. Swallow it with water. Do not take this tablet on an empty stomach. The doctor decides on Isotretinoin Dosage according to the body weight of the patient. Waxing or laser treatment does not allow while taking this medicine.

Side Effects of Tretizen 20mg capsule:

Nausea and Vomiting, Dryness and Itchiness of skin, Bleeding from the nose or rectal, Pain in the stomach, eyes, and joints, Discomfort in the eyes, Problems in ears, Difficult or Painful urination, Mental Imbalance, Depression, fetal deformities. Not safe for breastfeeding mothers, don’t take this treatment if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy.

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Who should not take Tretizen 20mg? 

Tretizen 20mg should not be taken by pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, individuals with a history of inflammatory bowel disease or liver disease, and those who are allergic to isotretinoin or any of the other ingredients in the medication.

Can Tretizen 20mg interact with other medications?

Tretizen 20mg can interact with other medications, including other medications for acne, antibiotics, and some birth control pills. It is important to inform your healthcare provider of all the medications you are taking to avoid potentially dangerous interactions.

Is Tretizen 20mg safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Tretizen 20mg is known to cause birth defects, and should not be taken by women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. It is also not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

2 reviews for Tretizen 20mg Capsule (Isotretinoin)

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  1. I took this for skin inflammation on my back. It cleared it up
    and haven’t had a repeat in 40 years. The primary reaction
    was dry lips.

  2. It genuinely works. I was recommended this by my dermatologist to take
    Tretizen 20mg Capsule for two months consistently, and my skin cleared
    up well. My skin inflammation, as well as even the skin, Acne pores, and
    alarms, totally got decreased.

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