Triomune 30mg Tablet (Stavudine/Lamivudine/Nevirapine)

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Buy Triomune 30 online, which is Anti Cancer medication, and it contains Stavudine/Lamivudine/Nevirapine. Triomune 30 help control HIV infection from multiplying in the body. Stavudine Lamivudine Nevirapine are some standard medications for HIV.

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Buy Triomune 30 online, which is recommended & prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of HIV infection. Stavudine Lamivudine Nevirapine is a powerful combination of three antiretrovirals medications. Triomune 30 boosts up the immunity & fight against HIV to treat AIDS, and also stops the growth of HIV in the body & minimizes the risk of HIV related combination.

How to Use Triomune 30?

Take Stavudine Lamivudine Nevirapine as advised by a doctor. Consume Triomune 30 with a single glass of water, sallow the whole drug at once. Don’t Break, chew, or crush the tablet as it may hurt your body as medicine reacts too quickly. Stavudine Lamivudine Nevirapine daily at a fixed time or as advised by your doctor. Take this medicine at a fixed time to maintain the level of medicine in the body as well as easy to remember. If in case you have missed the prescribed dose, then take it as soon as possible, or if it is the time for the next prescribed dosage, then skip this one.

Side effects of Stavudine Lamivudine Nevirapine

Headache, Tiderness, Nausea, Dryness in mouth & fever.

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  1. Tadhg

    They work by preventing HIV (infection) from developing, in this way decreasing the measure of disease in our body.

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