Veltam F Tablet (Tamsulosin/Finasteride)

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Buy Veltam F Online, which is Alpha Blockers medication, and it contains Tamsulosin/Finasteride. Tamsulosin/Dutasteride Tablets can be given to male patients who have enlarged prostate. Veltam F is a combination of two medicines to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

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Buy Veltam F online, which is used to treat the condition of an enlarged prostate gland. Due to the presence of a synthetic antiandrogen in this medicine, it helps to relax the prostate and bladder muscles, as well. Tamsulosin Finasteride improves the symptoms like difficulty in urination or frequent urination by acting as an alpha-blocker. It also helps in hair regrowth & helps to prevent hair loss. Buy Veltam Online in USA from Dose Pharmacy.

How to Use Veltam F?

Tamsulosin/Dutasteride should be taken by mouth only, with or without food. It should be taken once a day. Remember to take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Do not double the dose in any case. Do not stop Veltam F without consulting the doctor.

Side Effects of Tamsulosin Finasteride

Veltam F may cause side effects like fainting or dizziness due to a drop in blood pressure. Seek medical attention if there is swelling on the lips, throat, rashes, or breast soreness.

1 review for Veltam F Tablet (Tamsulosin/Finasteride)

  1. Have taken Veltam F Tablet for a long time, and it has functioned admirably to
    enable urination without uneasiness yet at the same time moderately slowly.

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