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Ways to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Ways to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Some might say that erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs with age, but it might not be true for all cases. However, ED can occur due to an array of reasons. If you are someone who is looking for ways to prevent erectile dysfunction to go about your life happily, read along!


Exercise, walk, or yoga: Adopt any form of physical activity in your routine to prevent erectile dysfunction. One should embrace a healthy lifestyle by including various forms of exercise in their routine as a sedentary lifestyle may cause ED. For better rigidity of the penis and enhanced blood flow, certain exercises (such as kegel exercises) that strengthen the pelvic floor should be opted for.

It is never too late to adopt an active regime. Remember to start slow and increase the levels, intensity, and duration gradually. One should aim to exercise (any form) for at least 30 minutes a day. After all, Your body deserves your 30 minutes of attention!

However, if you face this issue, there are specific sets of exercises to treat ED that your doctor might be able to help you with.

Cut the Fat! Lose that weight!

Obesity comes with its palette of issues, ED being one of them. Obesity can lead to diseases such as diabetes and vascular diseases, which might, in turn, lead to ED. To prevent erectile dysfunction, try to get the optimum body weight. Adopt exercise or diet, whatever suits you the best; consult an expert or your doctor to help you figure out the best way to achieve your goal. Losing weight will not only help in curbing other diseases but would also aid in correcting testosterone levels, which may help in avoiding ED.

Stay focused, stay motivated, and achieve the desired weight!

Eat Right!

It is of utmost importance to watch what you eat to keep all the disorders away. One should try to minimize the consumption of fats, saturated fats, foods rich in sodium, and processed and refined foods that are rich in simple carbs. Adopt a healthier approach by introducing natural foods and complex carbohydrates to your plate. Choose food like whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and lean meat. Try to educate yourself on healthier eating habits and plans; you can even consult nutritionists for a healthy diet plan in case of need. Eating right will help in controlling a lot of diseases and at the same time aid in avoiding ED.

Avoid Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

Alcohol, illicit drugs, and smoking are vices that can lead to ED. To prevent erectile dysfunction –

  • If you consume alcohol, either cut down the portions or quit. Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to ED.
  • If you smoke, QUIT! If you cannot, then get help. Smoking can contribute to ED to a great extent.
  • If you consume illicit drugs, beware, as the drugs may prevent you from retaining an erection.
  • If you practice any of these vices and love to have sex or the idea of it, you better quit and enjoy it than keep practicing and regret it.

Keep a check on those Testosterone levels.

As age increases, the testosterone levels start dropping. The testosterone levels can affect the sex drive and even determine the ability to get an erection. While there are a lot of symptoms of low testosterone levels (irritability, lack of stamina, anxiety, troubled decision-making, low sex drive, etc.), a blood test can tell you the testosterone levels. Maintaining and keeping a tab on testosterone levels becomes quite important to prevent erectile dysfunction. However, if you do suffer from low testosterone levels, there are numerous ways to treat it.

Mental Health is the key.

Mental health is indeed the key to a healthy life. Stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns can wreak havoc on our general well-being and health. Any sort of stress can lead to ED and thereby add to the existing anxiety or stress levels. Practice mindfulness whenever possible for good mental health, which in turn would lead to better sexual contentment while preventing ED.

Follow the mantra: Keep stress, depression, and anxiety at bay!

Get adequate sleep

Lack of sleep can affect a lot of body functions and impact a male’s sexual performance to a great extent. One of the ways to avoid erectile dysfunction is to get a deep and sound sleep. However, if you suffer from sleep apnea, consult your doctor so that you can avoid any chances of ED. 

Keep cholesterol and Blood Pressure in check!

Hypertension, high blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides not only affect our heart and brain but can also lead to ED. To prevent erectile dysfunction, it becomes important to check all these levels in addition to your weight. If you suspect any irregularities in these levels, work with your doctor to manage diabetes, heart disease, or other chronic health conditions.

While these are ways to avoid ED, if you have already experienced it, remember that it is not permanent and can be cured with some lifestyle changes, ED medication, and therapies. However, one should go in for regular check-ups that can aid in keeping tabs on various aspects that can lead to ED. Be proactive in your approach! If you want to avoid getting ED or if you have it and want to get rid of it.