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What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Infertility In Both Men And Women

What Are The Causes And Treatment Of Infertility In Both Men And Women

Infertility is simply the inability to get pregnant after having regular unprotected sex. The reason could be in the male, female, or both. It is a taboo topic in many cultures, even though it is a common occurrence. Did you realize that one out of four couples have infertility?

Common causes of Infertility:


The number of sperm the man ejaculates during sex can be well below the average count. Sperm motility is also a factor. If the sperms are not capable of swimming toward the egg, then they cannot fertilize the egg to get pregnant. Another reason can be abnormal sperm, though it is not common (only 2% are known to have these), it is one of the reasons that could cause male infertility. It means that the sperm is irregularly shaped, causing hindrance to its mobility toward the egg.

There are many causes of these problems:

⦁ Radiation therapy: Patients getting radiation treatments for other ailments, may find that it affects their sperm count.
⦁ Obesity: being overweight affects the sperm count and the possibility to ejaculate.
⦁ Unhealthy habits like alcohol and smoking can affect sperm count.
⦁ Old age also affects mobility and sperm count. The fertility of the sperm starts to decrease above forty years of age on average.


Female Infertility is the inability of the egg to accept the sperm or is in an inhospitable environment that kills the sperm.

⦁ Age: One of the most common causes, is age. As the women get older and reach their menopause, their fertility decreases.
⦁ An irregular menstrual cycle, where the ovulation is not complete, can cause female infertility.
⦁ PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome
⦁ Smoking, drinking excessively.


Most couples conceive without treatment or medications. For those who demand it, various generic and prescription-based medicines are available. Many tablets can increase the mobility or sperm count of men, which can be combined with therapy and exercises for minor cases. There are also surgeries available like HCG infusion and embryo transfer, which start the process of pregnancy in women.

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