Women's Health

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results


A woman can go through many health problems. And there are a few medical issues that affect women differently than men. Some of the issues that only happen to women are menopause, menstruation, and pregnancy.

Women should regularly go for health screening for breast cancer, bone density, and cervical cancer. Women’s health is necessary, and therefore, it is essential to meet a doctor regularly.

Symptoms and signs

Women can undergo many health complications, visit a doctor is these signs are visible

  • Lump in the breast
  • The difference in the appearance and size of the breast
  • Bleeding in between periods
  • Pain during the menstrual cycle
  • Urgent need to pee
  • Lumps in the genital area
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Heavy vaginal discharge
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen glands
  • Skin problems
  • Fatigue


There are different causes for different health issues. For complicated pregnancy issues, reasons can be high blood pressure, infection transferred through STD, bleeding during pregnancy, and more. For poor gynecological health, causes can be abnormal bleeding, PCOS, and more. Ovarian and cervical cancer can happen due to longstanding infection.

Common Drugs

  • Susten capsules for ovulation and replacement of hormones after menopause
  • Danazol for endometriosis and breast cancer
  • Naturogest tablets to correct disorders related to the menstrual cycle
  • Meprate tablets for gynecological issues


The necessary prevention for women’s health diseases is to have a good lifestyle. Factors like exercise, sleep, and food matters a lot. Women should indulge in yoga because it can calm your mind and keep you away from stress and anxiety. Pilates is suitable for gynecological health. It relieves period cramps and pain. Reduce consuming caffeine, alcohol, and processed food. Also, do go for a regular health check-up for breast cancer, autoimmune diseases, thyroid check, ovarian, and cervical cancer.


Diagnosis for women’s health issues will differ according to different complications.

Breast cancer

Mammogram : An X-ray of the breast is done for breast cancer screening.

Breast Ultrasound : Ultrasound is a process where sound waves are used to produce images of the breast.

Ovarian and Cervical Cancer

Bimanual pelvic examination : This includes the check of a woman’s uterus, cervix, ovaries, and vagina.

Pap Test : The doctor will scrape the outside area of the vagina and cervix. The sample collected is then sent for testing.


What is a regular menstrual cycle?

– here is nothing called a regular menstrual cycle. Some women may have a menstrual period for just three days, while others may have it for 5-7 days.

Can physical activity reduce the chances of breast cancer?

– Exercise enhances the immune system. Thirty minutes of brisk walking and daily exercise may lower the chances of the risk of breast cancer.

What to expect while pregnancy?

– A woman’s body goes over a lot of changes during pregnancy. There could be some problems as well; however, not every complication is serious. There could be cramps, heartburn, frequent urination, indigestion, backache, thrush, and constipation.

What to do if the menstrual cycle is late?

– Delay in period can happen due to many reasons. Stress, pregnancy, lack of exercise, and medications could be some of the reasons. It is better to take advice from a doctor if there are frequent delays in periods.