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Why choose Indian Pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical is known to be a significant business throughout the world. This industry has a great contribution to the GDP of the country as well. This industry ranks among the topmost in the world and offers an extensive variety of products which are high in terms of quality. The sector itself is estimated to be having a total worth of $21.5 billion respectively. The Indian pharmaceutical industry alone has a share of 8 percent in global sales, thereby producing 40-46 percent of all generic medicines which are used throughout the world. This is the reason why the Indian Pharmacy has a ranking of number 3 in terms of volume and number 13 in terms of value throughout the world.

The pharmaceutical industry has witnessed rapid growth around the globe in the last few decades. The current market leader of this industry holds 7 percent of the total share in the entire market. There are around 250 corporations in the world that contain 70 percent share of the entire market. Because of its low-cost labor as well as amicable policies on the Indian government, a number of these corporations have transferred a part of their manufacturing services and research to India.

Important players in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry:

There are two major players in Indian pharmaceutical industry, these are:

  • Companies having Indian origin
  • Multi-national companies investing in the pharmacy sector in India.

The top four players in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry are Cipla, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. These rankings are based on sales figures of these players. The top multinational companies working in the Indian market are GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Pfizer, and Abbott India Ltd.

The company of Indian origin which has the most significant share of the pharmaceutical market in-country is Ranbaxy. Other upcoming players include Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Ajanta Pharma Ltd., Cadila Healthcare Ltd., USV Ltd., Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., FDC Ltd., Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Top importers of pharmaceutical products from India:

India consumes a total of 80 percent of the drug produced within the country. Most of the bulk medicines are exported to different countries as well. According to reports, Russia and the USA happen to be top importers of medicines from India. Other countries that import drugs from India are Singapore, Brazil, and Iran. Contract manufacturing has also provided many benefits to the Indian Pharmacy Industry and multinational and local players alike in the process.

Factors affecting growth of Indian Pharmacy?

Some factors which have contributed to extensive growth of the CRAMS area in the Indian Pharmaceutical market are as follows:

  • Modern cutting-edge infrastructure
  • High-quality research expertise
  • Dependable regulatory environment
  • Abundant skilled labor

Role of Indian Pharmacy Companies in the Global Market:

Ranbaxy is looking to become the third medium pharmacy company on the globe by having an alliance with another international player in the market. Dr. Reddy’s and Wockhardt have also shown an active interest in the generics area and brought about some important foreign firms.

From January 2004 to October 2005, Indian Pharmacy companies made 18 important acquisitions in the international market. This included the addition of RPF by Ranbaxy for $80 million and Docpharma’s by Matrix Labs for $263 million which happened to be the most significant acquisition. Glen Mark, Jubilant Organosys, and Nicholas Primal also bought two international firms during this time.

Major business opportunities for Indian Pharmacies:

The major sector where there is space for a huge development in the Pharmacy sector of the country is Generics. The country exports fine drugs to more than 65 countries around the globe at present. The USA, which happens to be the mediumst pharmaceutical market in the world, is the mediumst importer of Indian drugs in the open market in the present time.

Here is an insight into generic medicine and drugs:

What is a generic medicine?

A generic medicine is a term used for medicines that are developed and sold without the protection of any patent. Some of these drugs might have patents in their formulation; however, there are no patents are far as active ingredients are concerned.

Why choose generic medication?

Generic drugs are mostly considered to be cheaper than the drugs which are branded. This is because the manufacturing process of these drugs doesn’t involve any patent for the ingredients or formulation of medication. Copyright protects claim of the manufacturer to develop the product exclusively and does not permit any other entity to produce the same kind of drug in market. According to standard rules, a patent has validity for 17 years after which another object is permitted to make some kind of drug.

Any drug that has been patented is the only one of its kind in the existing market. This clearly means that the formulation, as well as the effects of that drug, is exclusive in nature. Hence, when you buy a patented drug from market, you are not only paying the cost of the ingredients and manufacturing, but the cost of its testing, the value of research, proving that drug is safe, marketing, and transportation as well. If same drug is available only for specific symptoms or conditions, consumers are asked to pay a premium for the same.

After a period of 17 years pass on patent and it expires, other companies are permitted to manufacture the same drug. As these companies do not have to make any research, the product which was earlier expensive reaches a lower cost. The drug so produced by way of the redevelopment of the previously patented formulation is then considered to be ‘generic drug’.

Why choose us as a generic drug store?

The pharmaceutical industry throughout globe has changed entirely as a result of technological advancements as well as several breakthroughs in the last three decades. This rapid change has also had its effects in the Indian market and same has grown into a duly organized as well as well-developed trading base.

This company has been a part of this global alteration and is well-versed in terms of providing the best and high-quality drugs and medicines to all our customers at the most nominal prices. We have all resources to transform ourselves into a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry of the country, thereby helping all our customers with the delivery of the best medicines and drugs.

Our aim in terms of Indian Pharmacy System:

The company aims to provide the best quality pharmaceutical products to all our customers which are not only effective and innovative in nature, but within the reach of any average buyer as well. We have the aim of providing medicines which extend maximum relief against any problem of the patient and have minimum negative effects. We only offer all those products that are manufactured by world leaders in business of pharmaceuticals. Most of the drugs which are available with us are manufactured by topmost companies such as Dr. Reddy’s, Ranbaxy, and Cipla. We also make sure that you will find the best variety of products which are available to us. Dose Pharmacy covers following areas in terms of providing the best medicines and products to all our customers.

  • Cardiovascular drugs
  • Anti-diabetic drugs
  • Anti-bacterial drugs and antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics
  • Anti-ulcerants
  • Anti-spasmodic agents
  • Anti-fungal drugs
  • Anti-emetic drugs
  • Several vitamins and minerals
  • Anti-allergics/ antihistamines/ anti cold agents
  • Anti-diarrheal/ anti-protozoal agents
  • Erectile dysfunction treating agents
  • Anti-helmenthetics
  • Smoking cessation agents
  • Hepato-biliary
  • Anti-thyroid drugs
  • Hemostatic agents
  • Anti-obesity agents
  • Gout treating agents
  • Ergot alkaloids
  • Estrogen hormones/ Estrogens
  • Anti AIDS/ Anti-cancer/ Ontological disorder drugs
  • Drugs for acne
  • Herbal products and cosmetics.

We entertain a strict policy against all narcotics and this website does not provide any such drugs or controlled substances to our valued customers.

We look forward to striving for the betterment of the health of millions of people who seek pharmaceutical products in order to enhance quality of their life. In order to have better contact with all our customers, we entertain a three-tier communication system under which the users can easily get in touch with our dedicated staff by the way of phone, email, or chat. Our team is available 24/7 to make sure that all queries presented by you are responded to in the minimum time period.

We are a firm believer in marking earth a better place for future generation and hence we always make use of environmental-friendly packaging that can be recycled and is not toxic in nature.

Price Policy of Indian Pharmacy:

Every genuine buyer is concerned about the price of product that he/she is buying. We keep on fluctuating all our prices in terms of the conditions provided by industry and make sure that all our customers get the best rate from us. This website also extends various offers, deals, and discounts on all the hottest selling products so as to make sure that we give the best service to all our loyal customers.

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